At Global Vision Advisors, we are founded on three core principles:

  1. Self-Determination: We believe that everyone possesses the innate capacity for self-determination. Central to this is the ability to define one’s goals and chart a clear path towards achieving them.
  2. Continuous Learning: Life, for us, is a never-ending journey of learning. As Wealth Advisors, our profession offers boundless opportunities to understand the nuances of economics, explore innovative financial solutions, discover effective business strategies, and delve into human capital dynamics. We’re passionate about our role and view it as one of the most fulfilling professions.
  3. Holistic Wealth: We strongly believe that true wealth is not just about finances, but it encompasses time, health, relationships, and overall well-being. It’s important to balance these aspects of life and make financial decisions based on your values and goals. Of course, life can be unpredictable and may require sacrifices, but staying focused on what truly matters will help you build a life of true wealth.

In essence, our ethos guides us in empowering individuals, championing continuous growth, and promoting a balanced approach to wealth.

Our Name: Global Vision Advisors

At Global Vision Advisors, the word “Global” encapsulates our holistic approach and worldwide perspective on finance. “Vision” resonates with the aspirations and dreams our clients entrust us with, seeking clarity and fruition. As “Advisors,” we become the trusted guide in our clients’ financial journeys, steering them towards informed and assured choices.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between wealth and well-being. We aim to cultivate a proactive and purposeful approach to financial prosperity by focusing on our client’s unique needs and goals. It’s our belief that when guided by intention and clarity, our clients can truly enjoy a meaningful relationship with their wealth.

At Global Vision Advisors, our guiding principle is to positively impact every client we serve. We achieve this by fostering trust, offering compassionate care, and delivering unparalleled service.

Defining Wealth

Originating from the Old English term ‘weal’, ‘wealth’ denotes ‘well-being’ or ‘welfare’. It’s more than just material riches; as Lynne Twist aptly puts in “The Soul of Money,” wealth signifies a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Understanding Well-being

Well-being encapsulates the essence of happiness, health, and prosperity, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

For us at Global Vision Advisors, wealth is an all-encompassing term. It signifies your time, health, relationships, and finances.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We stand by our promises, ensuring that we deliver as committed, on time.

Partnership: Our commitment to collaboration is evident in our approach with clients. We harness the combined strengths of our team, our clients, fellow advisors, and key relationships to offer diverse solutions.

Responsibility: Understanding our interdependence, we prioritize the well-being of ourselves, our clients, our team, and fellow advisors.

Gratitude: We embrace the journey, finding joy in the process as we work towards our goals.

Abundance: We firmly believe that opportunities for prosperity and well-being are accessible to everyone.


Matthew Havens – Partner, Wealth Advisor, CFP

Matt provides comprehensive wealth advisory services to a broad range of Global Vision Advisors’ clients. Under Matt’s leadership, GVA serves as a thought leader in helping investors think critically about the world we live in and solutions that can help clients achieve their goals. Read More


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Thomas Holland – Partner, Wealth Advisor, CFP

Tom is a trusted advisor and coach for successful individuals and families. Tom’s guiding philosophy is that “one’s values are more important than the value what one owns.” Tom provides comprehensive wealth advisory services and leads GVA’s wealth planning process. Read More


Check the background of investment professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

Glen Holland, CFA– Internal Portfolio Manager

Glen evaluates existing and new investment opportunities, updates portfolio models, and provides additional client service support.  Glen brings over 25 years of broad investment and client services experience to GVA with a background that spans working with individuals and families on investment and banking matters to advising large institutional investors.


Robert Falvey – Financial Associate

With three decades in the financial services industry, Robert (Rob) Falvey is a respected figure known for his strategic insight. Before his tenure at GVA, Rob carved a niche for himself by adeptly coaching and consulting business owners and advisors on pivotal strategic initiatives. At GVA, he provides guidance on overarching business strategies, ensuring alignment with the company’s vision and objectives. At the core of Rob’s professional approach is a mission: to elevate individuals to heightened levels of effectiveness and to help them achieve what truly matters in their endeavors.


Susan Dawes– Operations Manager

Susan has been working with GVA for over fifteen years and plays an important role in setting the tone for the organization and keeping our operation running smoothly.  Her excellent organizational skills help her to manage the client discovery process, all financial planning, investment and insurance accounts as well as overseeing our firms back-office technology.


Deborah Hutchins, Office Manager

Deb has been working in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years and she ensures that our GVA office operates smoothly and efficiently. Deb oversees a wide range of duties including budgeting, forecasting and office procedures.





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